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Insider Tips from Florists: Foraging Alternatives for Your Wedding Flowers

Insider Tips from Florists: Foraging Alternatives for Your Wedding Flowers

In our early days, we used to forage for flowers. Whether it was a desperate search for the perfect foliage or a scramble to make up for a flower shortage during a busy holiday, we’ve hunted high and low. I vividly remember one Mother's Day when we ran out of flowers and had to foraging to save the day (definitely an amateur move if you know, you know).

But times have changed. Today, there are so many better options that don’t involve cutting from public spaces or disturbing wildlife habitats. If you’re looking to save money or find that special bloom, there's a more ethical approach: ASK YOUR PEOPLE.


Here’s How You Can Do It:

1. Reach Out to Friends and Family

Ask your friends, family, and their extended networks. Many people are more than happy to share flowers from their gardens.

2. Talk to Neighbors

It’s perfectly fine to knock on your neighbor's door ahead of time and say, “Hey, you have the most beautiful hydrangea bush. I’m getting married in a month. Would it be possible to use some of your blooms?” More often than not, people are delighted to help. Even make a post on the community Facebook group. 

3. Plan Ahead

Approach them well in advance so they can care for the plants and ensure they are at their best for your big day.

4. Offer Something in Return

As a thank you, consider offering a small token of appreciation, like a homemade treat or a thank-you note. It’s a nice way to show gratitude and strengthen community bonds.

By taking this approach, you not only save money but also build a sense of community and create beautiful, meaningful arrangements for your wedding. So, go ahead and ask around—you’ll be surprised at how generous people can be!

If you're foraging, remember you'll need to use what's in season in your area. Depending on the time of year, this might not provide you with the flowers you were hoping for. However, you can always dry flowers throughout the season to use later. Here are six flowers, recommended by the queen herself, Martha Stewart, that you can dry and will look amazing for your big day (this also means you can either grow yourself and even buy less ideal florals on a discount, or dry any bouquets you might receive throughout the year. 

1. Hydrangeas
2. Lavender
3. Roses
4.Baby's Breath
5. Strawflowers
6. Statice

By drying these flowers, you can create beautiful arrangements for your wedding, regardless of the season.

Remember, you can always turn to a florist. Ask them to use only locally grown flowers to ensure ethical sourcing. If you’re clear about your budget, they’ll do their best to accommodate your needs or guide you in the right direction through design or a better matched florist!



If you are set on foraging, it's crucial to be respectful and leave no trace. If you do take anything, make sure it’s minimal and not noticeable.

Responsible Foraging Tips:

1. Leave No Trace

 Take only small amounts and ensure your foraging doesn’t leave a noticeable impact. The goal is to blend in and leave the area as you found it.

2. Ideal Foraging Spots 

Side of the Road: You can legally trim anything that overhangs from private property into public spaces, like alleyways. However, consider if it’s worth disturbing a neighbor.

Safety First: Always prioritize your safety when foraging near roads.

By following these tips, you can forage responsibly and ethically, ensuring that you respect both nature and your community.


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