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How to Help Your Bouquet of Flowers Last Longer During a Heat Wave

How to Help Your Bouquet of Flowers Last Longer During a Heat Wave

A beautiful bouquet of flowers can brighten up any space, but a heat wave can quickly wilt their charm. High temperatures and intense sunlight can cause your fresh flowers to deteriorate faster. Fortunately, with a few simple tips and tricks, you can extend the life of your bouquet even during the hottest days.

1. Choose the Right Vase

Clean Vase: Always start with a clean vase to prevent the growth of bacteria, which can shorten the lifespan of your flowers.

Size Matters: Ensure the vase is the right size for your bouquet. The flowers should have enough room to breathe and spread out.


2. Cut Stems Properly

Cut at an Angle: Use sharp scissors or a knife to cut the stems at a 45-degree angle. This increases the surface area for water absorption and prevents the stems from sitting flat at the bottom of the vase, which can block water uptake.

Trim Regularly: Every few days, re-cut the stems to ensure they can absorb water efficiently.


3. Water Wisely

Fresh Water: Fill the vase with fresh, cool water and change it every two days. This keeps the water clean and free from bacteria.

Add Flower Food: Use the flower food packet that often comes with bouquets, or make your own by adding a teaspoon of sugar and a few drops of bleach to the water. The sugar feeds the flowers, and the bleach prevents bacteria growth. Here is a step by step guide by The Spruce.


4. Avoid Direct Sunlight and Heat

Cool Location: Place your bouquet in a cool spot away from direct sunlight, heat sources, and drafts. Extreme heat can cause flowers to wilt and dry out quickly.


5. Remove Wilting Flowers

Prune Regularly: Remove any wilting or dead flowers from the bouquet. This not only keeps the bouquet looking fresh but also prevents the spread of bacteria to healthy flowers.

6. Mist Your Flowers

Humidity Boost: Lightly mist your flowers with water daily. This helps keep them hydrated, especially during a heat wave.

7. Refrigerate Overnight

Cool Down: If possible, place your bouquet in the refrigerator overnight. The cooler temperature will help the flowers stay fresh and vibrant.

8. Keep Away from Ripening Fruits

Ethylene Gas: Ripening fruits release ethylene gas, which can cause flowers to age faster. Keep your bouquet away from fruit bowls to extend its life.


9. Monitor and Adjust

Regular Checks: Keep an eye on your bouquet daily. Adjust water levels, prune as necessary, and ensure they remain in a cool, shaded spot.

By following these tips, you can help your bouquet of flowers withstand the heat and stay fresh for longer. With a little extra care, you can enjoy the beauty and fragrance of your flowers despite the soaring temperatures.
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