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Flower Care Tips

How to extend the life of your bouquet

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Re-Cut Stems
When you receive your flowers, re-cut the stems at least 1 inch immediately before placing them in a vase. Air pockets are produced when your flowers are not in water and don't allow them to 'drink' and hydrate anymore until they are re-cut. Remove any leaves that would remain under the water line as this expedites decomposition and bacterial build up.
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Keep Away From Heat
Place or store flowers away from direct sunlight and heaters. High temperatures speed up the aging process.
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Re-fresh Water
Refresh the water when it becomes cloudy or murky. The frequency is typically 2-3 days, but varies depending on each environment. Don't forget to thoroughly clean your vase in between each re-fresh as bacteria has built up and will significantly decrease the lifespan of your bouquet.
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The flowers in your bouquet will age at different times, so as flowers wilt, remove them and re-arrange your bouquet as necessary. This will stop the bacteria from reaching your healthy blooms. This practice will extend the life of your bouquet, allowing them to be enjoyed much longer.
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Flower Food
Flower food works! We do not provide the tiny packages, as we believe the waste is greater than the benefit. However, we do use bulk flower food in shop while prepping and working with our flowers and in the water during delivery. When you receive your flowers, feel free to use that same water in your vase!
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