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Make a Great First Impression

Flowers can be a real game-changer in the workplace – they’ve got some serious superpower when it comes to creating an environment that helps employees and customers alike reach their fullest potential. So don't wait another second – give your business a touch of natural beauty, you won't regret it!

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Corporate Flower Subscription

Upgrade the look of your office, restaurant or corporate space with our convenient Corporate Floral Subscription. With weekly delivery and a vase exchange service, you can keep your environment fresh and inviting without any hassle - so everyone feels welcome in style!

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Corporate Fresh Sheet

Join our weekly fresh sheet. Get corporate pricing on flowers by the bunch for any decor needs. No minimums, no commitment, flowers only when you need them. Perfect for small events or weekly flowers that can be done in house.

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Benefits of Flowers

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Increased Productivity

At Rutgers University, an exploratory study uncovered a unique approach for increasing productivity in the workplace: adding plants and flowers! Results revealed that employees equipped with this natural advantage displayed improved concentration levels which translated to higher quality work. Furthermore, they reported feeling more relaxed while working on their tasks - likely due to nature's soothing properties.

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Improved Morale

Investing in fresh flowers or plants may be the key to creating an uplifting and productive workplace. Research by Ambius has revealed that when people enter a space full of natural beauty, their stress levels drop and spirits soar - making them more motivated towards work tasks. Your employees (and customers!) will thank you for this simple yet effective way to induce happiness!

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Creative Boost

Employers looking to invigorate their workplace may want to consider adding some greenery! Studies have found that introducing plants and flower arrangements into the office can foster greater creativity, collaboration, and engagement between staff and had substantial improvement in creative problem-solving tests when offices featured a living environment with natural elements.

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