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Unlock the secret world of flower Giving - 10 unconventional reasons to send flowers

Flower giving is an incredibly thoughtful and delightful act that can easily lift a person's spirits. However, most people only think to give flowers on traditional occasions such as anniversaries or birthdays. But there are so many other unexpected moments in life where sending flowers can truly make someone’s day brighter. Sending a bouquet of colorful blooms isn't just for traditional romantic gestures anymore – and that's good news if you're out of the ordinary. From telling your BFF she rocks to celebrating post-breakup triumphs, here are 10 unusual reasons why people should give flowers a go!

1. Perfect for Practicing Self-Care

Self-care is an important, often forgotten, part of a healthy lifestyle. Taking time to treat yourself and show gratitude for all that you do should never be neglected! One great way to practice self-care is by sending yourself flowers. Celebrate the little successes in life with a gift—just for you! Spend some time browsing online flower shops and picking out a bouquet of your favorite blooms to appreciate yourself this week. Sending flowers can help brighten up any corner of your home while also reminding you that self-love is just as important as self-care.

2. Wishing Someone Good Luck

Sending flowers before a big occasion is a meaningful way to show someone that you are wishing them luck. Not only do they provide beautiful decor, the various colours can signify different meanings and wishes. For instance, yellow flowers are commonly known as a sign of friendship and good luck, pink signifies appreciation and admiration, and purple encourages success. Sending someone a bouquet before an upcoming event is sure to bring some extra positive energy their way!

3. Send Sympathies for the Loss of An Animal

Losing a beloved pet can be an incredibly heart-wrenching experience, and it often comes with feelings of deep sadness and grief. Showing condolences is a great way to offer your condolences for the death of an animal; sending flowers is one tangible way to express your sympathies. While it won't make the pain go away, it can let them know you are thinking of them during this difficult time.

4. Get Well Soon Wishes

Treating someone who is feeling unwell to a flower delivery can really brighten their day and let them know that they are not alone. A beautiful bouquet of colorful blooms can lift their spirits, while the delightful aroma will help fill their room with soothing positivity. Not only that, but a surprise get well flower delivery can be a great way to show how much you care, especially if an in-person visit isn't an option. So if you know someone in need, why not make their day a little brighter and send them some lovely flowers? They'll thank you for it!

5. Congratulations on a New Baby

Welcoming a new baby with flowers is a wonderful way to congratulate the family after their little one arrives. A beautiful bouquet can make for a heartfelt gift that will bring light and life into their new home with the newest member of their family. Not only aesthetically pleasing, flowers are said to have calming properties which could be beneficial to the family. Sending flowers is a great way to celebrate such a special time, let them know you're thinking of them and can't wait to meet the baby but not until they're ready, so not to overwhelm new parents with visitors. 

6. Just Because

There's nothing more special than receiving flowers for no particular reason. Sending flowers just because, without an occasion or celebration in mind, is the perfect way to show someone how much they are cared for and valued. A surprise bouquet of their favorite blooms can bring a smile, a laugh and more importantly showed that there is no better time than now to show love and appreciation. So why not add some extra cheer by letting people know that you're thinking of them? Even if there's no special occasion, send flowers to brighten up someone's day!

7. Comfort after Heartbreak

Sending someone flowers after a heartbreak may seem like a strange thing to do, but trust us - it can work wonders! Not only will you be letting them know that they deserve love and compassion, but you’ll they'll also be surrounded by something beautiful as they heal. Plus, sometimes it really helps to give something tangible that reminds them “Hey! You're recovering from what happened - and you're doing great!” So if you know someone who is feeling down in the dumps after heartbreak, we think sending some blooms is worth a try.

8. Honour People and relationships passed.

Sending flowers is a wonderful way to show that someone is thought of and remembered in your hearts. Whether it be to celebrate the anniversary of a loved one and their late husband or partner, the anniversary of a significant death, or continue to celebrate a birthday of someone passed, flowers bring life and joy into the room. Even if things do not seem particularly bright on the surface, sending flowers can serve as a reminder that hope blooms even in difficult times. After all, with such enduring beauty nothing more needs to be said.

9. Celebrate Dad on Fathers Day

Sending flowers for Father's Day is a great way to honor the special man in your life! Even for the most rough and tumble of dads, bright blooms and petals will melt his heart and make this occasion extra special. Surprise him with colorful roses or playful lilies in addition to his favorite snacks - he will be sure to appreciate both the traditional gesture of sending flowers, as well as your unique spin on the favorite holiday!

10. Surprise the Kids

Sending flowers to kids isn't just a birthday or Valentine's Day tradition; it's also a great way to show them a bit of extra love and spark their spirit of self-confidence! Kids need to understand that they are deserving of love, not just romantic love. Sending them flowers is a tangible way we can express that they are important and special. A single flower, or even a colorful bouquet, will put a smile on any child's face - making it an easy way to bring joy without breaking the bank! 


Sending flowers is truly a thoughtful gesture no matter what the reason. It is sure to put a smile on someone's face, enhance their day and – according to the studies – even lift their mood and boost happiness long term. Whether you’re saying ‘hello’, ‘I love you’, ‘sorry for your loss’, or 'happy birthday', delivering a bouquet of flowers could be the difference between having an average day or feeling treasured and appreciated! So, why do you send flowers? The vast selection available and creative occasion possibilities, mean that we can find the perfect bunch for any sentiment. Put simply – sending flowers never gets old!

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