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The Best Flowers to Brighten Your Spring Celebrations

The Best Flowers to Brighten Your Spring Celebrations

As Easter ushers in warmer days and fresh blooms, it's the perfect time to celebrate! If you're gearing up for an early spring wedding or just looking to add a pop of cheer indoors - we've got you covered. Check out our list of some of our favourite flowers that bloom this season – they'll help bring your special occasion (or someone else’s) alive with their stunning colors! From romantic weddings to festive family gatherings, these vibrant blossoms are sure make any celebration even brighter.

1. Daffodil

There is no flower is quite as cheerful as the darling daffodil. With their range of stunning hues - from bright yellows & soft peaches to deep oranges - they're like little cadbury cream eggs peeking up through fields! So many more varieties are becoming available with their packed petals, making them look flufflier and fuller, mimicing the appearance of garden roses. They're so striking, you may not have realized you were looking at a daffodil.

2. Hellebore

Our love affair with Hellebores knows no bounds. From its bold citrus green varieties to a softer pale pink and even an almost-black hue, these striking blooms will take your breath away. Each stem boasts multiple heads for extra impact, not to mention their unusual twisted leaves that add interesting texture in arrangements and bouquets! A springtime staple when it comes to weddings - we can't get enough of this spectacular bloom!
Hellebore flowers

3. Columbine

Columbine is like your own personal garden genie – if you can track it down, that is. This relatively new flower in the cut flower world has enchanted us over the past few years with its delicate blooms in stunning candy colours and long thin stems topped off by dainty leaves. It's every floral aficionado’s dream come true! Even luckier are those who get their hands on locally-grown organic columbines as they're quite scarce, making them even more special than other florals out there.
Columbine Flower

4. Sweet Pea

Sweet peas are an absolute delight, and we're lucky enough to be able to savor their beauty during this gorgeous season. These delicate little petals resemble butterflies with a vibrant blend of pinks, purples & pastels atop long stems - plus they smell amazing! If that wasn't already perfect enough for weddings or special occasions, some growers offer them as flowering vines too – how could you say no?
Light purple sweet peas

 5. Icelandic Poppy

Icelandic poppies have become popular for weddings and other special occasions. These brightly-colored flowers attract attention with their papery petals and tall, leafless stems. Their unique appearance has earned them a coveted spot in the world of cut flowers, as icelandic poppies are known to bring a vibrant splash of color unlike any other flowers available. Grown all over the world, these easy-to-care-for blooms make it easy to enjoy their delicate beauty indoors or out. Whether adding a gorgeous center piece to a wedding table or just bringing a little joy into your garden, icelandic poppies are an excellent choice for any flower enthusiast - you won't be disappointed!

coral poppy

6. Anemone

With their stricking black center, they're a standout amongst the floral crowd. They're one of the few flowers that are still considered quite seasonal, which make them all the more special when their season comes along. The white petaled version is the most popular, but anemones come in pinks, reds, violets and blues. We're also HUGE fans of the japanese anemone, if these are available at the time of your event, do not pass up the opportunity to include them, as they're total showstoppers. Fun fact, anemones are in the same family as buttercups and ranunclus! 
japanese anemone

7. Ranunculus

Which brings us to the ultimate fan favourite; Ra-nunc-u-lus. A tongue twister, but well worth learning! Ranunculus is the most requested flower after peonies. Although spring is their sweet spot, these amazing flowers are available year round, which make them the perfect substitute for peonies and garden roses. Because of this their popularity has grown immensily, as they boast just as many petals and last much longer. 
pink ranunculus

8. Muscari

These might possibly be the cutest little flowers you ever did see. They're itty bitty and periwinkle blue. Usually very short stemmed, you don't typically see these in handtied bouquets as they're hard to accommodate. But if you have a spring wedding, you would easily be able to include these in centerpieces and bud vases, they'll be the tiny pièce de résistance, we guarantee it. 
blue muscari, grape hyacinth
Spring may just be the most beautiful time of year because of what grows during it. They have the ability to make bright and happy environments with their vibrant hues, warming fragrance, and variety of shapes and sizes. Whether you're looking for a subtle or a bold statement in bouquets or centerpieces, look no further than spring flowers. By choosing this season's blooms you can undoubtedly capture the joy of renewal, growth, and rebirth that comes every year with springtime. From there it is simply your choice to style them as minimalistic or elaborate - no doubt you will be successful whichever direction you go! So when searching for which garden gems to fill your room with love; all the answers lay with one word: spring.


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