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In The Cooler This Week, Mother's Day & Lately At the Flower Shop

We've been busy, and it's been wonderful. Mother's Day was heartwarming and abundant. The flowers were particularly beautiful this year. Although we usually do well with our ordering, the demand and pressure on flower growers during this busy holiday can be unpredictable. This was the first year I didn't pre-order roses, but it turned out for the better. We received a mix of rose colours we've never tried before, and they were stunning. It was a refreshing change.

We also had a family baby shower, which was sweet and low-key. We put together some bud vases and arrangements from what we had in the cooler, following a 'citrus' theme. The yellow gerberas were a hit and super adorable. We don't usually stock gerberas, but occasionally I can't resist ordering them—they're growing on me. However, the real stars were the fluffy peonies, especially the new variety, Lemon Chiffon, which are the size of dinner plates. They're incredible, though still a bit delicate and prone to bruising. Despite this, they're perfect for personal events.

Since we participate in the Vancouver Flower Auction remotely from home, sometimes the flowers look different than expected. While most photos are accurate and returns are allowed, occasionally there are surprises. For instance, we received some tinted yellow spray mums that weren't quite what we envisioned, but we ended up creating beautiful bunches for HUB Refillery in Tsawwassen for Mother's Day, and they might be our favorite arrangements yet.

As the season changes, our cooler is packed this week with amazing local flowers grown right here in British Columbia. We have our first lupins, a ton of peonies, allium, and spirea. We're really excited to get into the shop this week and create beautiful arrangements for you.


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