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In the Cooler this week

In the Cooler this week

March 25-29

Spring is in full swing, and with it comes the excitement of a small but mighty auction. This time of year marks the addition of a fourth clock, signaling the perfect moment to start planning your garden! Flats of herbs, veggies, and flower starts are making their debut, ready to breathe life into your green spaces. Even for those with tiny patios – like myself – it's an ideal opportunity to dip your toes into the world of gardening. Personally, I've had success growing kale and dill, which provided us with fresh salads for our work lunches. There's something incredibly rewarding about nurturing plants; whether they bear food or flowers, they never fail to bring joy.

Now, I'll let you in on a little secret: I'm not exactly an expert on what to grow and when. Instead, I rely on the offerings of our flower auction and seize the opportunity when it arises. I once attempted to consult an almanac, but found myself lost in its pages. Thankfully, there's a simpler solution – joining the mailing list of West Coast Seeds. It's a foolproof way to stay in the loop and ensure your garden thrives.

For those looking to add form AND function, consider delving into the world of edible flowers. Calendula and pansies are a delightful starting point, and let's not forget about our furry friends – catnip is a must-have addition.

Anyway, back to the flower auction here in Vancouver. It's a sight to behold, with spring hues dominating the scene, just in time for Easter. From whites and creams to yellows and peaches, there's something to enchant every gardener all day long.


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