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How Flowers Can Help Your Workplace Thrive

How Flowers Can Help Your Workplace Thrive

Flowers have long been associated with beauty, peace, and happiness. But did you know that having flowers in the workplace can actually benefit your team? According to recent research, adding flowers to the office can increase productivity, creativity, and even boost morale. Let’s take a look at how flowers can help your workplace thrive!


Increased Productivity

A study conducted at Rutgers University found that employees who worked in an office space filled with flowers and plants saw an increase in their overall productivity levels. The study also showed that these employees felt more comfortable and better able to focus on the task at hand. This increased level of concentration leads to higher quality work, fewer errors, and better decision-making abilities.

Improved Morale

A study done by Ambius found that when people enter a space filled with fresh flowers or plants they experience reduced stress levels and improved moods. This sense of relaxation translates into improved morale for both your employees and customers alike. When people feel happy, their motivation increases which helps create a positive work environment for everyone.


Creative Boost

The presence of plants has also been linked to increased creativity levels. A study from Texas A&M University found that people working in offices with plants performed significantly better on creative problem-solving tests than those working in offices without any plants or flowers present. The same study also showed that incorporating green elements into the workspace led to greater engagement and collaboration among co-workers as well.

Flowers have the power to transform any workspace into a more productive, positive environment for both employees and customers alike. Introducing fresh blooms into the office has been proven to increase productivity, improve morale, and boost creativity – all of which are essential components of success for any business! So if you’re looking for ways to make your workplace thrive, why not start by adding some beautiful flowers? You won’t regret it!

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