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Earth day, looking up from forest floor

Celebrating Earth Month with Flowers

Earth Day is right around the corner! As a florist, we believe that flowers can be part of the solution in promoting sustainability efforts. From seasonal flower sourcing to packaging solutions, there are many ways to help protect our planet and give back to the environment. Let’s take a closer look at how you can celebrate Earth Day as a florist.

Seasonal Flower Sourcing

At our shop, we source all of our flowers from local and organic farms whenever possible. This helps reduce our carbon footprint by eliminating transportation costs for out-of-season blooms. It also supports local farmers and ensures that the flowers have been grown ethically—without the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides—and without compromising their quality or beauty.


Eco-Friendly Packaging & Sustainable Practices

We understand how important it is to reduce waste, so we make sure to use eco-friendly packaging whenever possible. We display our bouquets in recycled cardboard boxes, we no longer wrap our arrangements with cellophane, and we reuse packaging for transporting and delivering all of our bouquets. We also strive to minimize waste by smart ordering and bouquet design, proper stem care practices to ensure flower longevity and economical delivery routes . This helps us cut down on unnecessary waste and travel time while still providing a beautiful presentation for your order on time


Compostable Arrangements

When it comes time to dispose of your arrangement after enjoying it for several days, we offer compostable arrangements made from natural materials ie. flowers! These arrangements are free from any synthetic material and are 100% biodegradable. For those who don’t want to compost their arrangement, simply hang your arrangement upside down in a dark area (like a closet) and dry your arrangement to enjoy longterm!

Earth Day is an important reminder that we should all do our part in protecting our planet. As a florist, we believe that flowers can play an important role in helping us achieve this goal by supporting sustainable practices such as sourcing locally grown flowers, using eco-friendly packaging solutions, and offering compostable arrangements made from natural materials. We hope you’ll join us this Earth Day in making small changes that will make a big difference!
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