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A Guide to Our Favourite Flower Varieties

A Guide to Our Favourite Flower Varieties

There are a handful of flowers that we make sure to carry all the time. Below is a list of varieties of flowers we get ask most about. First up...
Meet Quicksand. Shes sandy, she blush, or is she? This variety is our most asked about. The colour is all natural, and throughout the year they tend to vary slightly in tones, which are all beautiful just the same. 
Combo Rose. Again, the colour is completely au natural. They are a conversation piece if a rose ever was one. Their heads are extra large, and they open up right away, allowing you to enjoy them in full bloom for their entire lifespan, rather than at the end.
Amnesia Rose. The most popular in the winter months, probably due to its moody vibes. This striking colour is natural and the rose itself is long lasting. A tighter profile with an infinite amount of leaves, this rose has petals as soft as silk. 
White O'Hara. Garden roses are where you go for fragrance. Sometimes we stick them on our counter so passerby's can start their morning off right with the impeccable scent of a David Austen garden rose. They provide the statement of a peony in off season, a hint of blush without pink taking over, and a long lasting vase life. Can't get any better!
Special Mention. We can't forget the pioneers of flower smells; Freesias. These are the older generations favourites and new generations go to for nostalgic reasons. People pick them up when they want to be reminded of a happy time or person more often than not. We try to have these in so we can make those moments happen for our customers.
Antique Carnations. Yell the word carnation if you want to scare anyone in a flower shop. Its so funny how much people are afraid to like them. But growers gave been coming out with some unbelievable colours, that are slowly but surely winning the people over. So if you want to try your hand at designing a bouquet with carnation, ask for anything antique and you should be a-o.k!
Cafe Au Lait Dahlia. Dahlias are the ultimate fall flower and we look forward to them every year. They are natures geometric wonders, growing the same perfect patterns over and over again so effortlessly. We debated putting them in the fragrant section, because the smell of freshly cuts dahlia stems is so nostalgic and makes you feel like you are in your grandma's garden in you close your eyes. Just when you thought dahlias couldn't get anymore amazing; along comes the Cafe Au Lait. They range in tones like our beloved Quicksand rose, from a coffee colour to its pinker counterpart.
Burgundy Ranunculus. Two years ago, Pantone presented the colour of the year; Marsala. Such a beautiful colour, yet in the flower world, somewhat difficult to come by when needed. The blooms that did, were seasonal and not available all year round. Except ranunculus; our trusty Marsala BFF and major crowd-pleaser.
Momoko Mums. We're located in a busy market, and our neighbors happen to be a coffee shop (cue coffee shakes). Most often than not, coffee drinkers gather in our space and catch 5 minutes of flower peace while waiting for their oat milk latte. More often than not they get stuck on these guys - The Momoko Chrysanthemum and can't help but ask more about them. 
Baby Blue Eucalyptus. Better known as 'The stuff you hang in your shower". Enough said.
Silver Dollar Eucalyptus. There is a variety of eucalyptus for every reason we love them. People love the look of this variety, because of its unique leaves. Large, round discs (that sometimes look like hearts). If you're looking for that green with a 'flat round leaf', this is your guy.
Cotton. Its real, its dried. and it will last forever. 
Craspedia. Also known as Billy Balls. These little yellow balls are adorable, they come fresh and keep their vibrant colour as a dried stem.
Scabiosa Pods. These look great in boutonnieres as they are totally the masculine side of the Scabiosa blooms (Which you will equally love).
Brunia. These guys are popular because they're different, geometric and one of the only flowers that work with blue/grey hues & themes. They are long lasting, dry great, and hold up awesome against all those congratulatory hugs in a boutonniere.
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