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Flower Food, Does It Really Work?

Flower Food, Does It Really Work?

We are big believers in flower food! Its one of the reasons our flowers last so long. Along with proper processing practices and care, flower food is the best thing you can do for your bouquet.

We weren’t always this supportive of flower food, simply because we knew nothing about it. We used it because we were told. Everyone remembers the little packets you get at the grocery store florist, using them just seemed like a given!

Flower Food Experiment (January 2015) by OLFCO. White O’Hara Garden Roses In Water with Florallife (LEFT) and in Water Only (RIGHT) after 9 Days.

Flower Food Experiment (January 2015) by OLFCO. White O’Hara Garden Roses In Water with Florallife (LEFT) and in Water Only (RIGHT) after 9 Days.

What Is flower Food?

A Flower food is a two part combination; A cleaning agent and a nutrient. Essentially it is a bleach like product to clean the bacteria that inevitably builds up in the water and a sugar to feed your flowers.

How much does it help?

Alot. There is so much research that supports the positive effect flower food has on the vase life of your flowers. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see detailed information on a variety of flowers.


The above results show the use of a professionally formulated flower food when properly used is beneficial in adding a minimum of 21% vase days of life, up to a maximum of 218% more than simply using water, as tested in these experiments.


Is it safe?

It is labelled Non-toxic, but is not suggested for consumption.

Can I make a homemade version?

Of Course! We have not tested any at-home recipes ourselves, but here are some results that might help you decide what works best for you!

These include:

  • Sugar/bleach/lime juice

  • 7up & water

  • aspirin tablet

The commercial grade Flower Food still comes out on top! They contain a stem absorption enhancer which promotes the stems to suck up more of the good stuff you’ve put in the water!


For More Information on the flower food we use please visit Floral Life’s Website

Long love your bouquets!  

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